I have a very smart 5-6 year old. Can they enroll for the workshop?

We know young children can be very smart – however, we also know that children 5-6 who have done our workshops in the past a) get tired, b) can’t quite keep up with the workload or c) feel intimidated by the older kids (and sometimes it’s a mix of all 3). An upset child requires more individual attention and that is unfair on our staff and the other children.

What if my child is turning 7 this year?

We accept children who are 6 turning 7 so long as this is declared to us at the time of booking. If you are positive your child can work happily from 9am until 4pm, we will happily accept them.

I’d like to join in on the workshops and watch over my child, can I sit in?

We only allow our registered staff members and instructors who are equipped with Working With Children checks and first aid training to interact with the children once they’re placed into our care.

Where are the workshops held?
Our workshops (except Savage Safari) are held at North Sydney Demonstration School, in the Lady Hay Hall. The meeting place for our workshops is the quadrangle in the center of the school, near the canteen and playground. 
You can enter the school via:
  • McHatton St gate or staff parking lot
  • Bay Rd gate
Savage Safari will be held at Taronga Zoo. 
The meeting place for this workshop is the Professor Plum's shop at 1 Ernest Place Crows Nest 2065. 
Meeting time is strictly 8:30am. 
We will provide transport to and from Taronga Zoo for each child. 
Pick-up is at 4:30pm back at Professor Plum's store. 

Will my child have fun if they don’t know anyone else?

Yes, absolutely! The activities are designed to be team-building, fun and interactive, so if your child doesn’t have any friends in the workshop at the start of the day, they certainly will by the end.

What should I pack for my child?

Please pack sunscreen, recess and lunch, water and a hat. Also, please make sure your child is wearing appropriate clothes for messy activities!

Should my child bring their electronic devices?

No. We would hate for any expensive equipment to get ruined, considering the aim of the day is messy, hands-on fun. If your child needs to have a mobile phone to contact you, please ensure they keep it securely in their bags or hand it to a staff member to hang onto for the day.

Is lunch provided?

No, please pack lunch and recess for your child. Please also pack a water bottle. Please do not pack any kind of nuts as our venues often do not allow it.

What is your cancellation policy?

All bookings, once paid for, can only be rescheduled, not cancelled or refunded. You can reschedule a workshop by giving us at least 24 hours’ notice.