Professor Plums Experience – Brought to you by Professor Plums

'Science Made Fun'

Professor Plums is one of the original stores based in Sydney Australia which specialises in gifts for the curious minded. Established in 2003, we are dedicated to selling fun, educational and geeky items for all ages. We also have specialised in creating events which encourage people to unplug, make friends and get stuck into an experience, craft or game!

Our Events

Over the course of the year we host a range of special events for our customers. We run school holiday workshops, pop-up stores and special instore events including:

  • Dungeons and Dragons Night -One Shot Experience Every Saturday from 6pm
  • Professor Plums Afterdark Sessions: Specialised Games Nights from 6pm Weekdays.
  • Professor Plums Afterschool/Craft-A-Noons
  • School Holiday Workshop: Vicious Vikings, Chemistry Chaos, Palaeontologist for A Day and Slime Time!
  • Birthday Parties
  • Book Club
  • Special Events

Our Workshops

 Since 2003, Professor Plums has prided ourselves on pulling the leading educational companies to join us in presenting a range of science and discovery-based workshops.

These workshops cater for all levels of interest and experience, and focus on three important pillars: fun, participation, and team building. This makes for an “edutaining” experience full of hands-on activities and amazing demonstrations.


 Full payment is required at the time of booking, whether online or in-person at our flagship store in Crows Nest. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding payment for the workshops.

Professor Plums aims to provide a completely safe environment but does not take responsibility for the supervision of children under the age of 18 before or after the workshops (with the exception of early drop-off and late-pick up paid for and organized in advance).

Professor Plums may be recording or photographing attendees throughout the day. Conditions of entry include the use of your image in photographs and video for internal and external promotional purposes. If you do not consent to have your children feature in our promotional material, please discuss this beforehand by contacting the Professor Plums team.


Our Team

 We have hand-picked every one of our Professor Plums team members. They each have extensive experience in the care and supervision of children.They all share a love of learning, discovery, and STEAM, and bring their infectious energy and positivity to our events. We carefully select facilitators, instructors, game masters/creators and Dungeon Masters to join us in creating and running our experiences.



 To ensure Professor Plums and its exterior workshop venues are safe and enjoyable places for everyone involved, we expect all workshop attendees to be courteous and thoughtful of others.

We may suspend or cancel a booking for inappropriate conduct, including (but not limited to) bullying, physical misconduct, offensive language, the use of drugs or alcohol on our premises, viewing inappropriate materials on personal electronic devices or those devices provided for use by our instructors, or wilful damage to the property of Professor Plums, our educators and venues, or other workshop attendees.



  1. Professor Plums is committed to child protection and child safe environments. Our policy guides workers on how to behave when interacting and engaging with children in our organization. The policy focuses on how we can build and maintain a Child Safe Environment which is inclusive, transparent and promotes children’s participation.
  2. Professor Plums supports the active participation of children in the programs, activities and services that we offer.
  3. All staff employed by Professor Plums is responsible for the care, safety and protection of children. This responsibility extends to the identification and timely response to concerns regarding the possible sexual, physical, psychological and emotional abuse or neglect of a child.
  4. Children are not to use their personal electronic devices during their lessons nor are they permitted to use them at our Holiday programs.
  5. Professor Plums will recruit and keep the best people to work with children. We will maintain a rigorous and consistent recruitment, screening and selection process. We will achieve this standard through interviews, reference checks, professional development and the Working With Children Check. We promote respect, fairness and consideration for all workers. All employees will receive and sign a copy of our Code of Conduct.
  6. Child safety is a standing agenda item at meetings and workers are encouraged to ask questions and contribute to the continuous improvement of Child Safe policies, procedures and practices in the workplace.
  7. Children and their parents are encouraged to provide feedback or raise concerns. We listen to their views, respect what they say and involve them when we make decisions. Any person with direct responsibility for children must report children at risk of significant harm.
  8. All complaints and allegations must be reported to our Child Safety Contact Officer. Documented reporting and escalation procedures will be established by Professor Plums for handling allegations of abuse. If there are reasonable grounds to suspect a child has been or is suffering abuse a report will be lodged to the relevant bodies.
  9. Professor Plum’s policy and guidelines will be reviewed every two years to incorporate comments and suggestions from workers, children and families.