Dungeons & Dragons Nights

Dungeons & Dragons Nights

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Book a seat at our Dungeons and Dragons nights. 10 person maximum.

6pm for a 6:30pm start, running till 9:45pm. Observers & support people always welcome.

About our Booking system:

Booking reserves one seat at our DND table. It helps us understand who is attending regularly, how many new VS experienced players to expect and, makes us aware of accessibility and inclusivity requirements. Importantly, it allow the Dungeon Master's to prepare ahead of time. Our DM's are volunteers and for each hour of gameplay there is, on average, an hour of preparation required to craft immersive and enjoyable adventures for their players.

Booking ensures you have a seat on the night. You are welcome to come without booking but we cannot guarantee you a spot so we recommend getting in early.

Please select the correct date. You can book in advance, but please advise us if you cant attend so we can make the chair available for another player.
Upon your arrival let our Games Master at the front desk know you have arrived and they will get you settled and ready to play.

NB: Our resident Dungeon Master often brings her Mini Dachshund's with her. Self-appointed Professor Plums mascots PipSqueak (Pip) & Chipolata (Chip). Please advise when booking if you would prefer the dogs stay home.