Itinerary for Vicious Vikings

Vicious Vikings!

830-915: Arrival, registration, meet and greet

915-945: Participants organised into Viking crews and assigned costumes. Corps then establish a base using tarps, sticks and cloth which will be their area through the day. Crews can decorate the area with props provided, each crew will be given a chest with clothes, props and other dark ages materials.

945-1015: The Viking World. Using chalk, ground mapping and story telling Dave will outline the history and scope of the Viking world, including the surprising reach of the Vikings into the Middle East and South Asia. We’ll also establish the series of measurements essential to calibrate our solar compass so we can find our way home.

1015-1045: Morning tea

1045-1145: Axe, shield and mace making and runic writing. Using the foam axe blanks, participants will craft and personalise their own Iron age weaponry. Using the shields as a surface each participant will design and paint their own runic message and motto using historical examples as inspiration. We’ll also provide stones for participants to create their own set of fortune telling runestones.

1145-1230: Story telling and solar navigation. First we’ll tell an exciting story from the Viking myths and legands, then using our solar compass we’ll establish the basics of Viking avigation skills including making a northstone.

1230-1330: Lunch

1330-1400: Viking fun and games. We’ll practice some of the games that got he Vikings through those long winter’s nights.

1430-1515: Using our weapons we’ll learn the basic moves of Viking shield walls and personal combat. These will then be tested in some safe bouts using padded weapons and wearing fencing helmets and padded gloves. This section will also involve a demonstration of medieval fighting using steel weapons by trained stunt fighters. We’ll then build a redoubt from boxes and then attempt to breach the defences, launching wet sponges in a series of team activities.

1515-1600: Packing up. After a successful campaign, every Viking crew knows to pack up their camp, load the boat and set off on our next voyage. We’ll pack down before looting the nearest monastery and heading home.