Itinerary for Survivor Bootcamp


830-915: Arrival, registration, meet and greet

915-945: Participants organised into groups and introduced to navigation skills such as finding direction from the sun, time keeping without a watch and survival basics like our survival priorities and the importance of cooperation.

945-1015: Water filters. Each group will make a working water filter from found objects and natural materials to purify essential water sources..

1015-1045: Morning tea

1045-1145: Fire lighting skills. Participants will explore a range of different fire lighting techniques including friction fire and flint and steel and see if they can cast a spark that could light a fire.

1145-1230: Walk to Berry Island and shelter building. The group will walk the short distance to Berry Island and then learn how to make a simple shelter from found materials and plastic sheets. The groups can then use these shelters to enjoy their lunches.

1230-1330: Lunch.

1330-1400: Berry Island exploration. We’ll explore Berry island looking for evidence of past occupation and finding bush tucker and medicines, fish poisons and other survival essentials.

1430-1515: Boat Building. Using natural materials we’ll experiment with making a miniature working raft before seeing if our constructions float and sail on Sydney habour.

1515-1600: Packing up and back to Nth Sydney Demonstration School. We will leave no traces as we pack up our shelters and head back up the hill to the school to check on our water filters and wait for our emergency evacuation and rescue.