Itinerary for Medieval Madness


830-915: Bus Drop Off at Crows Nest Store/Early Drop off at Professor Plums Experience Kingsgrove Location (Fort Building Activity)

930-1045: Arrival, registration, Meet and Greet

Participants organised into Mercenary Corps with different coloured cloth tabards. Corps then establish a base using tarps, sticks and cloth which will be their area through the day. Crews can decorate the area with props provided, each crew will be given a chest with clothes, props and other medieval materials.

Europe in the Hundred-year War. Using chalk and ground mapping Dave will draw how the Hundred Year War affected Europe, tell some stories about mercenary corps and some tales from history and dispel some myths about the medieval life.

1015-1045: Morning tea

1045-1230: Axe, shield and mace making and designing a coat of arms. Using the foam mace and axe blanks, participants will craft and personalise their own medieval weapons with jewels, a hand guard and engraved messages. Using the shields each participant will design and paint their own coat of arms on a shield using historical examples as inspiration.


Armour fitting. Acting as squires, we’ll try to fit the suit of full plate armour on a willing volunteer as well as trying on chain mail and handling the historical examples of swords, helmets and other weapons

  • *The Tale of Robin Hood followed by an Archery Competition * Winner wins a Golden Quill*

1230-1330: Lunch

1330-1530: Medieval combat training. Using our weapons we’ll learn the basic moves of medieval fighting from the historical manuals. These will then be tested in some safe bouts using padded weapons and wearing fencing helmets and padded gloves. 

Crush the castle. We’ll build a medieval castle from boxes and then attempt siege warfare, launching wet sponges towards the castle with our catapult and hand held siege apparatus in a series of team activities

After a successful campaign, every mercenary corps knows to pack up their camp, stow their gear and set off for the next engagement. We’ll pack down before collecting our goodies and heading home.

1530-1600: Late Pickup/Crows Nest Pick Up