THIS IS SPARTA! | School Holiday Workshop | Friday 15th July 2022
THIS IS SPARTA! | School Holiday Workshop | Friday 15th July 2022
THIS IS SPARTA! | School Holiday Workshop | Friday 15th July 2022
THIS IS SPARTA! | School Holiday Workshop | Friday 15th July 2022

THIS IS SPARTA! | School Holiday Workshop | Friday 15th July 2022

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This is Sparta!

Go back to 480 BC to the year of the Battle of Thermopylae. You and your friends have just started agoge; a rigorous training education program! Explore Greek society and the unique role Sparta played in the history of the region sourced from accounts by Plutarch and Herodotus. Create your own legend by building and decorating your own Spartan Shield and Spear replica then engage in shield formations, drills and a re-enactment of the Battle Of Thermopylae and the Olympics.


Date/Time:  8:30-4pm Friday 15th July 2022

Location: Northbridge Scout Hall 347 Sailors Bay Rd, Northbridge NSW 2063.

Ages 7-13

Creative Kids rebate is available for this workshop

How To Book: If you would like to use your Creative Kids Rebate and have more than one child and or day please book each child/day separately. Please remember that the Creative Kids voucher only discounts a one off $100.00 per year.

Learning Outcomes:

-Develop knowledge, skills and understanding in making prop replicas and other creative works informed by investigations and sources on the topic of Greek history and customs; specifically from Sparta. 

-Use expressive forms to communicate ideas

-Appreciate personal creative outcomes and those of others

-Collaborate with others by taking on roles and creating imagined situations informed by Spartan history and customs. 

-Engage in the delicate art of shield and spear warfare, and other reenactments as described by accounts from Herodotus and Plutarch. 



830-915: Arrival, registration, meet and greet. Facilitator sets the scene in 480 BC Sparta.

915-945: Participants create their own camp and put on their costumes (uniforms). 

945-1015: Using references and their own story telling creation participants create and personalize their own Spartan Shield and Spear/Sword. These are for the participants to take home and are personalized with the participants own interpretations of the content/sources/references and their own personal self-expression.

1015-1045: Morning tea

1045-1145: While the spears and shields are drying the facilitator tells Battle Of Thermopylae and Spartan belief and myth. How Spartan society was organized.

1145-1230: Group dramatization. Participants practice movements and working together to create a shield wall in a reenactment of the Battle of Thermopylae. Instructor presents the dilemma on the battlefield. Participants use cooperation, problem solving and improvisation to save the story!

1230-1330: Lunch.

1330-1515: Olympic games re-enactments. Participants are organized into teams representing the different city states. Participants perform classic Olympian such as running and discus.

1515-1600: Packing up and pick up. Demonstrations and dramatizations presented to parents in full costume and creations from the day.